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3D Tender 2m50
Bretagne Sud

 The Temo 450 is light, clean, non-polluting, easy to use and to store.

This is the opinion of a user with more than 75 years of sailing on different yachts and who, partly thanks to Temo 450, continues to be able have a great time out on the water.

This product is very well suited for “older” boaters who want to continue to enjoy the sea 


BIC 245 explorer
Golfe du Morbihan

 If it didn't exist, we'd have to invent it! It's revolutionizing our practices: cleaner, lighter, smaller for a small boat, and made in France.

Always listened to, always helped out, it's even 6 stars! 


AD gonflable 2m50

 Despite our big tides here in the Bay of Mont Saint Michel and the strong currents, during the stormy times of spring 2021, we were fully satisfied with TEMO.450. What’s more, the team is great and very friendly 


Annexe plastique 2m50

 Very satisfied with my trips between the beach and my mooring in a gusty force 4, the motor does the job well. It's simple, light, quiet with no exhaust smell and requires no maintenance.

Wishing a long life to this small and practical motor 


3D Tender 2m50

 I used the TEMO.450 for our dinghy on a 6-day cruise to Port Cros and Porquerolles. It was a pleasure to use and easy to stow on board.

I had a doubt about the battery life during the daily trips at the end of the day, but I never ran out of power.

Thanks again to the team for this beautiful project and this object that fully meets my expectations 


Neptea 250
Golfe du Morbihan

 It’s life-changing!!
I use my TEMO.450 with a Neptea 250 dinghy to get out to my mooring in the Gulf of Morbihan. Those 500 metres are easily and silently covered, but for me the best part is the handling. Only 5 kilos! No more hassle and risk of injury.
Other advantages I have noted over my regular outboard are no smell of petrol, no oil stains and no water running into the car, not to mention rinsing and servicing.
The product seems to me to be well designed, well finished, and it is made in France.
I’m delighted with it


Annexes 4 personnes
St-marine sur l'Odet

Ideal to reach my mooring located mid-stream at Sainte Marine sur l'Odet and for pottering around the islands of Glénans archipelago. I easily manage an hour at half speed, which is more than enough for 2 days with 4 people in the dinghy 


Trimaran Astusboat
Bassin d'Arcachon

 My TEMO.450 has a double use. On the one hand, it allows me to leave and return to the beach to get to my mooring without making noise while watching where I'm going, much less easy with a rowing boat! That's its job and it does it very well ....

I also use it on my Astus trimaran to get on and off my mooring without using my engine. It also allows me to beach my tri without using the engine, which is an asset in the Arcachon Basin as it is a Natura 2000 reserve. When under sail, the motor easily fits in the trimaran’s forward locker.

Since I’ve had my TEMO.450, I have not used my regular petrol outboard, and that was my objective. The icing on the cake is that my Temo is made in France 



 I am very happy with the TEMO motor that I use on my dinghy in Corsica.

Great product quality. You can see that it is a French product. The handle is very satisfactory. It is a beautiful object. I was particularly surprised by the weight/power ratio (4.9Kg for about 1.5HP).

I tried it with several people and the reaction is unanimous: it’s brilliant! So far, no problems at all. I can't wait for spring so I can start sailing again and test it on other boats (especially as a spare motor on my WETA multihull) 

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