Shipping costs for an 
electric boat motor

These days, shipping a package has become a mere formality.
The TEMO is an electric dinghy motor with a powerful lithium battery and a specific footprint.
For example, the TEMO·450 is longer than the width of a standard pallet and having a battery classifies it as a “sensitive product”.
Find out and understand what is involved in shipping TEMO products.

Shipping costs for the Electric Outboard Motor and accessories

Before going into detail, here is the summary table of shipping costs for TEMO electric dinghy motors and accessories by country:
If your country of delivery is not listed, please contact our dealer network or contact us directly.

Poids Article France & Monaco (Prix TTC) Corse (Prix TTC) Europe 1 (Prix HT+TVA Locale) Europe 2 (Prix HT+TVA Locale) Europe 3 (Prix HT+TVA Locale) Europe 4 (Prix HT+TVA Locale) Reste du MONDE (Prix HT+TVA Locale)
moins de 500g Hélice, Dragonne, Dame de Nage ... 8€ 8€ 15€ 15€ 20€ 30€ 50€
de 500g à 1Kg Antivol, Tuyère, Sac, Flotteur ... 10€ 10€ 15€ 15€ 20€ 30€ 50€
de 5kg à 12kg 1 TEMO·450 + accessoires 35€ 75€ 75€ 115€ 160€ 200€ N/A
de 12kg à 31kg 1 TEMO·1000 + accessoires 55€ 150€ 135€ 200€ 270€ 340€ N/A
Weight Article France & Monaco (Price inc. VAT) Corse (Price inc. VAT) Europe 1 (Price ex-tax + local VAT) Europe 2 (Price ex-tax + local VAT) Europe 3 (Price ex-tax + local VAT) Europe 4 (Price ex-tax + local VAT) Rest of the WORLD (Price ex-tax + local VAT)
Propeller, Lanyard, Rowlock ... € 8 € 8 € 15 € 15 € 20 € 30 € 50
From 500g to 1kg Antitheft, Nozzle, Bag, Float... € 10 € 10 € 15 € 15 € 20 € 30 € 50
From 5kg to 12kg 1 TEMO·450 + accessories € 35 € 75 € 75 € 115 € 160 € 200 N/A
From 12kg to 31kg 1 TEMO·1000 + accessories € 55 € 150 € 135 € 200 € 270 € 340 N/A
Frankreich & Monaco (Preis Inkl. FR MwSt) Korsika (Preis Inkl. FR MwSt) Europa 1 (Preis ohne MwSt ) Europa 2 (Preis ohne MwSt) Europa 3 (Preis ohne MwSt) Europa 4 (Preis ohne MwSt) Weltweit (Preis ohne MwSt)
Weniger als 500g Propeller, Armband, Halterung ... 8€ 8€ 15€ 15€ 20€ 30€ 50€
Von 500g bis 1Kg Anti-Diebstahlsicherung, Propellerschutz,  Tragetasche... 10€ 10€ 15€ 15€ 20€ 30€ 50€
Von 5kg bis 12kg 1 TEMO·450 + Zubehör 35€ 75€ 75€ 115€ 160€ 200€ N/A
Von 12kg bis 31kg 1 TEMO·1000 + Zubehör 55€ 150€ 135€ 200€ 270€ 340€ N/A
Peso Artículo Francia & Monaco (Precio con IVA incluido) Corce (Precio con IVA incluido) Europa 1 (Precio con IVA incluido) Europa 2 (Precio con IVA incluido) Europa 3 (Precio con IVA incluido) Europa 4 (Precio con IVA incluido) Mundo (Precio con IVA incluido)
Menos de
Hélice, Correa, escalamo ... 8€ 8€ 15€ 15€ 20€ 30€ 50€
De 500g a 1kg Antirrobo, tobera de hélice, Bolsa, Flotador... 10€ 10€ 15€ 15€ 20€ 30€ 50€
De 5kg a 12kg 1 TEMO·450 + accessorios 35€ 75€ 75€ 115€ 160€ 200€ N/A
De 12kg a 31kg 1 TEMO·1000 + accessorios 55€ 150€ 135€ 200€ 270€ 340€ N/A
  • Europe 1: Belgium, Germany, Spain, Austria, Andorra, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic
  • Europe 2: Hungary, Liechtenstein, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia
  • Europe 3: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland
  • Europe 4: Kosovo, Montenegro

Shipping a TEMO
“electric oar”

As you have seen, we ship our electric dinghy motors within France, across Europe and all over the world. However, did you know that we are working hard to ensure that your motor leaves our warehouses in Nantes in under 24 hours?  

With the logistics, count on 2 to 3 days to receive your order and equip your boat.

With the experience of several thousand electric outboard motors shipped throughout the world, we have acquired a know-how. The packaging and internal protection are perfectly sized to withstand the legendary delicacy of transporters.

Inspection and reservations at the time of delivery.

Although the majority of shipments go smoothly, remember to check the condition of the box(es) when the carrier arrives. We invite you to note any reservations if necessary.

The second thing to do is to open the box and check the overall condition - for example, the nozzle for the TEMO·450 (the part that protects the propeller), although reinforced and double protected, might have “cracked” in the event of a sufficiently severe impact during transport.

If the overall condition is not acceptable, you must refuse receipt of the package from the carrier. The carrier will then collect the box and inform us immediately.
We will send you a new motor straight away.
This can be a cumbersome procedure, but it is the only way that the carrier's insurance will cover the cost of the damage and the replacement of parts.

Should I buy a dinghy motor 
online or from a store?

Before ordering on and paying shipping costs, check beforehand that you don’t live near official retailer TEMO.

They keep a number in stock, meaning your TEMO will be immediately available. You can also benefit from the advice of these professionals and save on shipping costs.

In this case, we advise you to Register your product on our website via the registration form. This will allow you to have a follow-up throughout the life of your motor, and to be contacted in case of specific maintenance linked to the unique serial number of your motor.

In all cases, you should know that your TEMO electric motor has a 2-year warranty. This guarantee applies equally whether you buy it in a shop or on our website.