Register your motor
for better tracking

Did you know? The legal guarantee is normally 2 years. But at TEMO, we want to offer you more! We are convinced of the reliability of our products, and we believe that close customer support helps to increase their lifespan.
Registering your TEMO on our website will enable us to keep track of it from a distance and to share with you, as soon as necessary, the best maintenance advice for looking after it! Local monitoring = a guarantee of quality!

> If you own a TEMO·450 or TEMO·1000, your warranty automatically increases to 3 years.
> If you own a TEMO·450 Carbon, your warranty automatically extends to 5 years.

Don't hesitate, there are many advantages to registering your TEMO electric motor directly on our website. It allows:

  • To stay in touch with us for any possible updates, improvements or changes to guaranteed original parts.
  • Like the “Bicycode” for your bike, if your TEMO is stolen and later recovered, we can contact you more easily.
  • Access to a multimedia library to help maintain your TEMO
  • Easily download a manual for your TEMO electric motor

Whether you bought your TEMO electric boat motor on our website, from a dealer, or second-hand, it is important for us to know a minimum of information about the owners and to be able to contact you if necessary.

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Your serial number can be found on the white label under the clamping ring. This 4 digit number is preceded by the letters SN. (ex: 1132 or 6624).