Register your motor
for better tracking

There are many advantages to registering your TEMO electric motor directly on our website. It allows:

  • To stay in touch with us for any possible updates, improvements or changes to guaranteed original parts.
  • Like the “Bicycode” for your bike, if your TEMO is stolen and later recovered, we can contact you more easily.
  • Access to a multimedia library to help maintain your TEMO
  • Easily download a manual for your TEMO electric motor

Whether you bought your TEMO electric boat motor on our website, from a dealer, or second-hand, it is important for us to know a minimum of information about the owners and to be able to contact you if necessary.

Shop name, website or it's a present ...
Your serial number can be found on the white label under the clamping ring. This 4 digit number is preceded by the letters SN. (ex: 1132 or 6624).