Buoyancy kit

Buoyancy kit for TEMO·450

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Even though your TEMO·450 is waterproof (IP67 certified), it will sink instantly if you let it go. The TEMO·450 buoyancy kit has been designed to bring your motor to the surface. With this made-in-France buoyancy kit, you can install and handle your motor without any risk of it sinking to the bottom.

For example:
- If your motor slips through your hands at the transom of the dinghy, it won't even submerge, and will stay on the surface of the water.
- If it drops from a little higher up (1.5 to 2 metres), say from the deck of a yacht, it will submerge for one or two seconds and rise vertically: the handle will rise first, followed by the grey tube.

This accessory will give you peace of mind, especially if the sea is rough or if you aren’t used to handling your motor.

The buoyancy kit also protects your electric motor from any knocks and scratches. The TEMO·450 carrying case is designed to accommodate your motor with its buoyancy kit installed.