Vincent Jacquot


Vincent Jacquot
Port Crouesty

Vincent Jacquot | TEMO Ambassador | Crouesty Harbor | Dragonfly 35 Ultimate ⛵

Ask your questions directly to Vincent via email and try TEMO·450 with him in the Crouesty Harbor in the Gulf of Morbihan.


Discover the testimonial of Vincent Jacquot, a TEMO·450 user.

Vincent sails in the South Brittany region between Brest and the Charentes from the Crouesty harbor in the Gulf of Morbihan. A TEMO·450 user for over a year, he uses it to reach the beach from his anchored sailboat.

Vincent switched to the TEMO·450 after numerous problems with his thermic engine, which was stalling and refusing to start. Today, he appreciates the reliability of his electric TEMO.

In his opinion, TEMO's strengths are its lightness and ease of use.

Don't hesitate to contact him and ask questions through the form below or to make an appointment to try out a motor.

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