Thiéry Nadé


Thiéry Nadé
Cale de Grand Piquey
Lège Cap Ferret

Thiéry Nadé | TEMO Ambassador | Arcachon Bay | Sun Cruiser 🚤

Ask your questions directly to Thiéry via email and try TEMO·450 with him around Cap Ferret in the Arcachon Bay.

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Discover the testimonial of Thiéry Nadé, a TEMO·450 user. 

With more than 40 outings a year, his portable electric motor doesn't have much time to rest. From the Île aux oiseaux to Arcachon Bay and its Grand Piquey slipway, where everyone knows him, Thiéry is a TEMO·450 enthusiast, using it with a small 2 person dinghy.

For him, the currents of the Arcachon Bay are not a problem. Thiéry never separates from his buoyancy kit, because being a bit clumsy, he has sometimes let the TEMO·450 slip through his hands. 

Thiéry is an early adopter. Known for his Youtube channel TV Cap Ferret, or his website don't hesitate to contact him and ask him some questions or make an appointment to try out a motor. 

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