Philippe Lessard


Philippe Lessard

Philippe Lessard | TEMO Ambassador | Glenan Islands | Gib Sea 28 DL ⛵

Ask your questions directly to Pjilippe via email and try TEMO·450 with him around the Glenan Islands.

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Discover the testimonial of Philippe Lessard, a TEMO·450 user.

Philippe uses his TEMO·450 with his dinghy to reach his sailboat, a Gib Sea 28 DL anchored 200m from the coast. He uses it with: 

  • Bombard 2,40m
  • Eurovinil 2,70m
  • Other 2,20m
  • Port plastic dinghy 2,20

He enjoys traveling on his sailboat through the Glenan Islands, the Isles of Scilly, English Cornwall, Ireland and Galicia.

Philippe is happy to share the TEMO experience with anyone who is intrigued by the product, and had over 37 people try out his TEMO·450 during the first summer.

For him, TEMO is fit for purpose and embodies mobility.

Don't hesitate to contact him and ask him some questions or make an appointment to try a motor. Philippe sails almost all year long ! 

Find all our ambassadors' testimonials on the dedicated playlist on our Youtube channel or on our website in the "Find Us" area, ​ under the ​ "ambassador" label.

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