Manuel Clerc


Manuel Clerc
Port Anna

Manuel Clerc  | TEMO Ambassador | Gulf of Morbihan | Etape 26i ⛵.

Ask your questions directly to Manuel via email and try TEMO·450 with him around the Gulf of Morbihan.


Discover the testimonial of Manuel Clerc, who uses his TEMO·450 to reach his Etape26i with a Bic SportYak 245.

In the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan, Manuel uses his TEMO·450 to reach his sailboat, which is anchored 800 meters from the coast. He also uses his TEMO on cruises to disembark at anchor when not in port. Manuel sails in Quiberon Bay, or more generally from Guilvinec to Yeu Island.

Fully satisfied with his TEMO·450, Manuel acts as an ambassador for TEMO, helping others to discover the product. A French and responsible product which, in his opinion, should appeal to as many boaters as possible.

Don't hesitate to contact him and  ask some questions or make an appointment to try out a motor.

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