Gilles Levy


Gilles Levy
Mont Saint-Michel

Gilles Levy | TEMO Ambassador | Mont Saint-Michel Bay | Croiseur ⛵ 

Ask your questions directly to Gilles via email and try TEMO·450 with him around the Mont Saint-Michel Bay. 

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Discover the testimonial of Gilles Levy, a TEMO·450 user.

Gilles sails in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel, renowned for its strong currents and high tidal ranges. He uses his TEMO-450 to reach his sailboat in dry harbor.

For him, the currents in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel are no obstacle to using his TEMO if the tide is anticipated.

The lightness and quality of TEMO products surprised Gilles during his various tests.

Don't ​hesitate to contact him and ask some questions or make an appointment to try a motor.

Find all our ambassadors' testimonials on the dedicated playlist on our Youtube channel or on our website in the "Find Us" area, ​ under the "ambassador" label.  

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