Test report TEMO-450: USHIP 250 dinghy

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Test report TEMO-450: USHIP 250 dinghy
The TEMO-450 is an electric outboard motor for dinghies and small sailing
boats. We're getting an increasing number of questions about the capabilities of this TEMO electric motor and its adaptability for different dinghy models. This summer, Thibaut tested the motor on aVous êtes de plus en plus nombreux à nous poser des questions quant aux capacités du TEMO·450 et à son adaptabilité sur différents modèles d’annexes. Cet été, Thibaut a testé pour vous l’annexe
Uship250 dinghy with conditions of 15
knots of wind and current. 

Launched at full power, the average speed is around 3 knots, 3.3 knots to be precise, which corresponds to the hull speed of the dinghy.

Quick tip :
When your dinghy has picked up speed, you can use the cutout to save on battery power. Once launched with the trigger at only half power, we maintain a speed of around 2.5 knots. The TEMO electric motor is relatively easyto get used to after just a few trips. It can even be controlled with only one finger. Check out our test report on our TEMO France YouTube channel.. 

Regarding the mounting interface and the screws supplied with the TEMO-450, we advise you to do some tests before fixing it definitively. Find the ideal position where you are most comfortable operating the motor.
Tip : We recommend that you set up your TEMO electric motor at a right angle in the water. This means there is much less pressure on the arms and shoulders. Installation is easier and faster. Once fixed, it cannot be dropped into the water.

Interface dame de nage TEMO

Seaweed can be a recurring issue. And sometimes crossing the green stuff is unavoidable. If you ever feel resistance from the motor or propeller due to seaweed, don't panic! Just lift the propeller out of the water and give it a quick reverse and forward motion to clear.

: To keep your motor performing at its best, we recommend that you regularly disassemble the propeller and check for residue before rinsing it with fresh water or storing it. Find our video tutorial on how to change the propeller here - you'll see that it only takes a few seconds.

Regarding current and wind, our electric outboard motor has been designed to pass through 95% of the currents that can be encountered on mooring buoys. As previously stated, the engine propels the dinghies at their hull speed of around 3 knots; that is, as long as the current is less than 3 knots, the propulsion remains adequate. However, you must take into account the engine's capacity, which is 1.5 thermal HP, to avoid unpleasant surprises. In conclusion, the purpose of our electric motor is not necessarily to propel your dinghy at a high speed, but rather at a constant speed whatever the conditions.

Kit de flottabilité TEMO

On the video, you can see that Thibaut has equipped the engine with a buoyancy kit. This is an opportunity to remind you that the TEMO-450 is waterproof (IP67 certified) but it sinks if dropped in the sea. The buoyancy kit allows the engine to float.

Quick tip:
Place the buoyancy kit on top of the blue tube of the TEMO-450, this allows you to protect the tube and keep the motor manageable. In addition, the kit has been designed to fit into the optional carry case with the motor!

Finally, as far as the battery is concerned, the autonomy is around an hour. Each of the blue bars on the battery gauge is the equivalent of 15 minutes average autonomy. Once on reserve (red outline of the battery), you can count on about ten minutes of reserve. You will find here our blog post about battery life and the video is available on our YouTube channel : TEMO France. 

Jauge batterie TEMO·450

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Test report TEMO-450: USHIP 250 dinghy
Antoine GUILBAUD 3 September, 2021