TEMO TUTO : Changing the rope of the oarlock

13 April, 2022 by
TEMO TUTO : Changing the rope of the oarlock
Antoine Guilbaud

One of the reasons our electric motor is so handy and easy to install is because of the oarlock that comes with the TEMO·450 . Some of you may want to change the cord on the oarlock for added convenience. Today, we will show you how to change this cord quickly and easily.


Remove the two screws 

To begin, remove the  two screws  from the front and back of the oarlock. There is only one on each side located diagonally opposite each other. 

Disassemble the oarlock

Next, disassemble the oarlock by removing the middle cylindrical part. To do this, place the oarlock in front of you, so that you can see the letters "GT" on the top on your left. Then push the cylinder on its right side end towards the left to release it. Without the two screws and the string, the oarlock is made up of four parts, as shown in the photo below : 


Changing the cord

Choose the length of cord that you want. Then pass it through the holes in the baseplate of the axle. Tie a simple figure eight knot or loop in the end of the string at the bottom end ( the lower hole). This will prevent it from coming off the axle. Repeat with the nut, passing the string through from the top.

Dame de nage TEMO

Reassemble the oarlock

Once again, position the oarlock bracket so that you can read the letters "GT" in front of you, on your left. Insert the axle into the middle, placing the hole with the string on your left as well. Then insert the cylindrical part from left to right. Be careful to insert the end with the larger hole first, while passing through the shaft. Finally, all that remains is for you to screw it back in. We advise you to use he existing holes on the cylindrical part, aligning them correctly with those on the mounting bracket.

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TEMO TUTO : Changing the rope of the oarlock
Antoine Guilbaud 13 April, 2022