The delivery of TEMO·450 includes:
- The TEMO 450W motor
- The 220V charger
- The rowlock fitting kit to simply attach it to your dinghy
- The transport and protection bag
- The security device (safety strap and magnetic key)

Delivery of this item is only available in France, Benelux, Germany, Austria and Poland.

Please see the shipping cost table
For purchases in other countries, please contact our dealer network. 

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Product: T450
Category: Production

The TEMO·450 has been designed to suit every profile and all kinds of boating, allowing you to carry out dinghy transfers and to manoeuvre in and out of harbours and anchorages without weighing down either your body or your mind!

Full technical information on the TEMO·450 can be found at: https://www.temofrance.com/temo-450