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Frequently asked questions

Our team continuously works with the best experts 

in order to guarantee a quality product, aligned with the high safety standards required on a boat.  Our product has been manufactured with already existing and certified technologies.

It is very important for us to make our customers happy, and we guarantee a high quality support to assist you in case of problems.

Find below the questions most frequently asked by our customers. And don't hesitate to contact us if you need any further assistance.  Our team is there for you.

Yes, TEMO is 100% watertight within the IP67 certification.   Which means it can stay under water during 30 minutes at 1 meter deep.

TEMO will only float few seconds but will quickly sink afterwards. We offer a buoyancy kit as an accessory.  

Please note that TEMO is also delivered with its rowlock fixation which will allow you to fix TEMO on board and avoid any risk of falling into the water.


Yes of course !

Even if TEMO is very light and can be easily carried away in its transport bag, it can also be left on your boat.

TEMO offers an anti-theft device (available in our accessories) to secure TEMO when you are gone.

Also note that TEMO has a magnetic safety key that acts as a circuit breaker. Without the key, the engine cannot start (thief refrain!).

If you currently use the oar, sculling or small engine (equivalent or less than 2CV) for your transfers by tender, TEMO will fit perfectly. It is 3 times more powerful than a single person rowing. 

Generally speaking, TEMO will be able to propel boats up to 2m50 with 2/3 people on board and loaded with equipment.

And you have any doubt, please contact-us !

The speed of  TEMO can be adjusted by squeezing the trigger.  If you keep the trigger held in, you will have up to 42 minutes of autonomy. And up to 80 minutes at half speed.

TEMO is delivered with its 220V charger and recharges directly from the socket. 

You also have the possibility to recharge TEMO on a 12V socket when you are on your boat. We offer the adapted chargers  on our accessories page. 

TEMO est livré avec une garantie européenne de 2 ans.

TEMO is very easy to maintain. Simply rinse it with freshwater after your sea trips and that's enough..

TEMO is delivered with a small cleaning cloth to get rid of persistent grains of sand and for the rest, store it in its cover until the next use.

Hand-tight fixing or slipped into its rowlock socket, TEMO allows you to navigate any small boats (tenders, fishing boats, sailing dinghies etc.).  The rowlock socket comes wit the TEMO Kit  and can be attached to the transom of any boat. Based on that, yes, TEMO can be adapted to all tenders. Once fixed, all you have to do is put TEMO on it and off you go!

Yes it is! We are happy and proud manufacture TEMO at home in the Pays de la Loire Region. The modeling, creation and assembly are carried out here, in Carquefou near Nantes.

TEMO is robust. Nevertheless, like any valuable device, it should be handled with care

Thought to be portable and compact, its transport and cover bag (available in our accessories) will allow you to store it very easily in your garage or on the deck of a boat. It would therefore be a shame not to use it and prevent a fall.

The propeller area is protected by a very resistant nozzle in order to limit shocks and ensure your safety.

And if the propeller inadvertently encounters too much resistance, it will break before damaging the engine shaft. So don't panic, it's designed for that. 

Spare propellers are available on our accessories page. It is very easy to replace.

Yes, it is!  in every sense of the word! Its tubular shape makes it very easy to grab (even for the most small and delicate hands) :-)

And the rest will take care by itself, it's intuitive: thanks to its ambidextrous and adjustable handle, TEMO will adapt to you and offer you immediate comfort in all your outings! After 2 or 3 navigations, it will have no more secrets for you and you will be able to handle it perfectly.


The list is long. TEMO has tons of benefits ! (Well yes, of course ;-)

First of all, the big difference is its ultra light weight. TEMO weighs less than 5KG, which is almost 10KG less than small motors (< 2CV).

This makes it very easy to carry away. It has a compact size for a minimum encumbrance (the magic of its tubular shape!).

Also note that it is not polluting (and that's great). Say goodbye to the petrol canister that smells, stains all your stuff, spills into the harbour and requires regular refills... TEMO is recharged by electricity and guarantees you cleanliness and SILENCE throughout your trip. Magic !

Then, TEMO has been thought for all waters, even the shallowest. No more need to move the engine when you reach the beach or when you cross a sandbank, TEMO adjusts to the height of the water and guarantees you a "dry feet" beaching!

Another benefit : TEMO is for everyone. Little sailors and big sailors. Its ergonomic handle has been designed for both right and left handers. And its adjustable telescopic handle allows you to adapt to your position in all circumstances.

With TEMO, no more troubles while installating your engine. Who hasn't almost ended up in the water by fixing his motor to the transom? Its featherweight allows you to hold it in one hand to install it easily and its rowlock socket offers an almost instantaneous fixing.

In terms of thrust, TEMO is 3 times more powerful than a single person rowing. 

So here again TEMO meets 90% of the needs of boaters in the tender. It can propel boats of up to 2.5m with 2 people on board and loaded with equipment. And even larger boats such as small sailing boats for harbour manoeuvres. Small but strong!


No need to worry! We thought of everything. TEMO is 1m70 long, but only 1m30 folded! So you can easily store it in the trunk of your car! Or you can carry it on your back, on foot or by bike. You can also easily store TEMO in your boat, dinghy or any other craft! TEMO adapts to all your needs.

How to winterizing your TEMO electric oar?

Your  TEMO is not only light, quiet, powerful and beautiful, it is also easy to wintering because the mechanical parts have been reduced to the strictest minimum. So to winterise your TEMO:  

Recharge it thoroughly ;;

Run it for 10 minnutes in fresh water. This will rinse the motor block and bring the battery to its ideal charge level.

• Remember to rinse the rest of the TEMO with running water. Especially the telescopic point, the inside of the gills on the blue tube and the handle.

Dry it as much as possible ;

Spray the charging socket with a contact cleaner  such as WD 40.

• Apply the same spray also through the holes in the blue tube to dry and clean the motor connector without opening it.

Store your TEMO in its cover, in a dry place, away from UV light and rain.

Every two months, charge it for 1hour to bring it back to its ideal charge level.

And like this, your TEMO will be able accompany you throughout the years without ageing prematurely!

Do you still need more informations?