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TEMO, an innovation born during a round-the-world sailing trip.

It was during a round-the-world sailing trip back in 2015 that Alexandre SEUX, the founder of TEMO, discovered a real problem concerning boat tenders.

There were until now two means of propulsion for transfers by tender: oars or engines. In both cases, the logistics and the operation of these means are very demanding for the use that is made of them. Engines are heavy to transport, cumbersome to store, difficult to maintain, while oars require a great deal of physical effort.

But how to address these constraints on dinghy use and prolong the pleasure of boating?

It was by observing the evolution of electro-portable equipment ashore (with functional innovations such as the Dyson or the electric scooter) that TEMO was born. By judiciously taking inspiration from urban mobility and transposing it to the world of boating.

TEMO, a brand name with a twinkle in its eye

Did you know?

TEMO comes from the Latin TEMO, temonis became timo, timonis in Late Latin.

The timon is the long handle of the tiller.

In French, the Timonerie is the helm station, or wheelhouse.

The timonier is the helmsman.

This root was therefore a perfect fit for our brand and our eponymous thruster. Always stay on course with TEMO and allow yourself moments of unconstrained sailing.

TEMO, a MADE IN FRANCE Innovation,

Our team is based in Nantes and we work daily with local industrialists and experts to carry out the manufacturing of your TEMO here in France's Pays de la Loire region.


TEMO is covered by an international patent.


TEMO already won 3 major awards in the nautical world, including the best product 2019 -  Find out more.


Because the pleasure of boating mustn’t stop 

or be overshadowed by logistical constraints.


We are challenging ourselves every day to provide solutions that will eliminate the drudgery of boaters and allow them to focus fully on enjoying their hobby.

Liberating innovatioN!

We are striving to ensure that boating is ALWAYS a pleasure.

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